Sir Roger Moore – PART 2: Mark O’Connell Interview

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Following on from our retrospective on Roger Moore in Part 1, George McGhee was lucky enough to interview comedy writer and author Mark O’Connell.

Mark’s first novel, Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan is essential reading for any Bond fan and anyone who grew up in the age of VHS.

CATCHING-BULLETS-jacket-artwork-03-01-13-661x1024SUNDAY (1)

The novel covers all the Bond films up to Skyfall (2012) and is touching mix of memoir, nostalgia, film critique and Bond trivia. One of the key themes featured in the book -reminiscing about the movies of our youth – is a big inspiration on Retro Ramble, so it was a real honour to spend some time talking with Mark.

In this episode we discuss Mark’s own encounter with Sir Roger, what inspires the Bond production team and his thoughts on the future of the Bond franchise.

Thanks to his connections with the producers of the Bond franchise Mark has unique insider knowledge regarding all that goes into making a film not to mention what Sir Roger was like in real life.

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Mark recently wrote a touching obituary for Sir Roger Moore for The Guardian

The Roger Moore fan encounter we discuss can be found here

Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan is available through Splendid Books and Amazon.


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