PODCAST: Episode 5 – THE ROCK (1996)


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In this episode Charlie & George decide to go and visit Alcatraz, only to find that Ed Harris has taken it over and is holding San Francisco hostage with a battery of VX Poison Gas Rockets! Luckily for them, Sean Connery a former “gueshed” of the island is able to navigate a way out, coupled by FBI super chemical freak Nicolas Cage to disarm the rockets! That’s right ladies and gentleman we’ve traveled back to 1996 for a solid dose of Michael Bayhem in the cult action classic that is The Rock.

The Rock_hummel_retroramble.blog

With an in-depth look back at what the world used to be like in 1996, who brought us this enjoyable romp and plenty of bad impressions not to mention usual features like Coulda Woulda Shoulda and General Exposition we hope this episode is as well received as those that have gone before it.

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