About Us

First of all, a big thanks for checking out our blog WHOEVER you are!

Be it a lover of films like ourselves, someone who’s already downloaded our podcast or even a emotionless web crawling robot who will decide how many people visit this site… you’re all very welcome and we hope you find something on here to keep you coming back for more!

So why have we done this blog and what made us think doing a podcast was a wise idea?

To briefly explain, myself and my brother grew up on a healthy diet of film and tv series from the 80s and 90s and as we’ve got older the desire to revisit, reminisce and do poor impressions of these old favourites has been something we’ve relished in at every opportunity – much to the displeasure and bafflement of close friends and family.

Despite living apart since university, we’ve always made time for a weekly catch up call where we’ve gone through everything each of us has read, seen, streamed or played – a habit we’ve been doing for at least 10 years. One day we just decided to start recording it on the off-chance we might one day have material for a podcast…and here we are.

Since everything appears to have been done in some shape or form already, retro is a go-to for many a film…

What To Expect

Always retro, and only seriously expert when its needed, we plan to cover all of the old favourites that we grew up with discuss what role they play for us in deciphering whats pop culture today. Other times we remember and ramble about things simply for the nostalgia!

Since everything appears to have been done in some shape or form already, retro is a go-to for many a film, game or mobile app these days. When that happens, we’ll be sure to wade in and we hope that in addition to some enjoyable banter and mindless rambling there’ll be plenty to keep you and your friends coming back for more.

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Cut Us Some Slack

One last thing, go easy on us. We are not some massive publication. We are just two brothers having a “chatzy” about the things we grew up with and why many are still so relevant today.

Our mission is to keep tweaking the formula so if you have any truly useful feedback or would like to see more or less of anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We love movies!  But, sometimes probably a little too much.

All that said, we hope that you enjoy our ramblings.

Good Journey!

George & Charlie McGhee