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FUNNIES – The He-Bowski: They Pee’d on my rug!
Remember He-Man, love the Big Lebowski? Then this is a must-see parody by the guys at IdiotWork. Combining the classic 80s cartoon with audio from The Big Lebowski. This is what the internet is for, ...
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TRAILERS – Alien: Covenant (the best trailer!)
Alien: Covenant hits cinemas May 9th and you've probably already seen posters about town and even checked out the trailers if you're a fan of the franchise. We have too and it appears that, as ...
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FUNNIES: Star Wars vs Withnail & I
May the 4th be with you! We're a little late to the party (damn day job keeps getting in the way!) but we wanted to share one of our favourite Star Wars mash ups! Like Star ...
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REVIEW: Point Break (1991)
In a nutshell: Ex semi pro footballer turned FBI recruit Johnny Utah is assigned on his first mission to learn to surf so he can infiltrate a group of bank robbers who call themselves the ex presidents ...
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PODCAST – Episode 4 – Point Break (1991)
In this episode, Charlie and George go in search of the perfect wave and take on 90's action thriller, Point Break. FBI agents, surfers, sky diving, bank robberies, bromance and err, ooh some Buddhism. It's ...
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Back Off Warchild.
Back off Warchild. Seriously.
Nobody sways the Swayze! ...
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Coming Soon: Podcast – Episode 4….
Currently in the final stages of editing - bromances, bank robberies and boarding - it's only ruddy Point Break! ...
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snatch wars
FUNNIES: Snatch Wars
With the first trailer for The Last Jedi dropping last week it seems only fair to remind everyone of this little comedy classic that combines Darth Vader from A New Hope and Bricktop from Snatch ...
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TRAILERS: The Last Jedi
As you might imagine, we are very excited about the latest batch of Star Wars films here on Retro Ramble. Despite treading familiar territory in The Force Awakens, it was a thoroughly satisfying experience to ...
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FUNNIES: Tiny Hats (Tim & Eric, AdultSwim)
Video speaks for itself, the guys at AdultSwim have done it again. Fair to say that a lot of Tim & Eric are hit and miss sketches but this one is genius and for anyone who ...
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GAMING: Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) – PS4
What's the deal? A masterpiece 6 years in the making and definitely the most beautiful looking game I've played in a long time. From majestical snow-covered mountains to arid dessert to tropical jungles, the landscape is truly ...
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predator featured image
PODCAST – Episode 3 – PREDATOR (1987)
This month George & Charlie decided it was time to "Go big, or go home" and tackle the behemoth that is the 1987 action sci-fi classic, Predator. Join us as we dive deep into hot, ...
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