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Join Charlie & George as they take a trip back in time to revisit the films and pop culture of their youth and see if these films have aged as amazingly as they have. It’s not all rose-tinted nostalgia as we also keep one foot planted here in the present with critical reviews of all the latest film and TV releases, related movie news and random movie trivia.

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Retro Round Up 16th November
RIP Stan Lee 1922-2018 You've most likely heard the sad news that comic book legend Stan Lee passed away this week, at the age of 95. We won't go into details as there are much ...
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the-mandalorian - retro ramble
Retro Round Up – November 9th
Disney Streaming Service Whilst they may be slowing their output on the big screen, Disney has big plans for their franchises with their new streaming service which aims to take on the likes of Amazon and ...
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Retro Round Up – 2nd Nov
A brief round-up of Retro-related news. Flash Gordon reboot gets a new director A new take on Flash Gordon has been languishing in development hell for some time now. Kingsman and X-Men: First Class director ...
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Retro Round Up – 26th October
Just a few things to end off the week. Beetlejuice links As mentioned in our recent Beetlejuice podcast, here’s the video of the hilarious Tim Burton Pitch Meeting by College Humour  The first look at ...
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EP#28 – Beetlejuice (1988)
 For this year's Halloween special, Charlie and George get spooky with the Ghost With The Most, Beetlejuice! Join us as we take a Retro Ramble and venture into the twisted imagination of director Tim ...
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Retro Roundup – October 19th
Welcome to a roundup of Retro Ramble related news. Jester’s Dead (to Jerry Bruckheimer) Like it or not, Top Gun 2 is actively shooting (for a 2020 summer release). Both Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer ...
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Happy Birthday JCVD!!!
Jean Claude Van Damme - The Muscles From Brussels is 58 today! Here's to the man that brought sexy dancing to martial arts films and made everyone try to do the splits at some point, ...
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PODCAST: Episode #27 – JCVD Special – Bloodsport & Hard Target
 In this month's episode, Charlie and George celebrate The Muscles From Brussels that is Jean Claude Van Damme! In a special double bill, first up is JCVD's breakout feature, the brick-breaking cult classic that is ...
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Episode 26 – RECENT Ramble – Sept 2018
 In this month's Recent Ramble, Charlie and George round up of the remaining summer blockbusters (all sequels) - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Equalizer 2, Incredibles 2 and Mission: Impossible - Fallout. On the smaller ...
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retroramble-the predator
RECENT REVIEW: The Predator (2018)
In a nutshell: During a mission in Mexico, army sniper Quinn McKenna crosses paths with a Predator. The alien kills his team but he manages to injure it and steals some Predator armour as evidence ...
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Podcast: Predator (1987)
This week sees the release of the new Predator sequel, confusingly titled, The Predator.  Why not reacquaint yourselves with the seminal 1987 original and download our podcast special? Ain't got time to listen? Maybe you ...
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REVIEW: The Untouchables (1987)
In a nutshell - Chicago, 1930. Due to Prohibition, crime boss Al Capone (Robert De Niro) rules Chicago - with much of the police force under his thumb. Treasury Agent Elliot Ness (Kevin Costner) is ...
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